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Now we are going to talk about free and fun slot games – Inferno slots. When compared to land-based slots, Inferno casino provide more options to make various choices, greater chances to win, exclusive and innovative gambling experience for anyone.

Thanks to the development of modern technologies and the Internet, many convenient things have got the new “face” and together with it the new wave of popularity. Although land-based ultra power casino slots machines have always been quite popular, with the new appearance of online slots with different types, traditional land-based games have become old-fashioned for many gamblers. It is because, their types of free casino slots are online games with a different number of reels, pay lines, and various bonus features that can bring you a lot of winnings.

Today, you can find available hundreds of free and fun online slot games on the Internet which you can enjoy playing near your PC, smartphone, or tablet. They are designed with the purpose of giving you the feel of a game in a real casino so that the game is more exciting, entertaining, and comfortable to play.

Inferno slots – free Inferno casino slot games

Infernoslots is a classic 5-reel slot machine for punters like you who like it hot. These slots were designed and developed by Novomatic casino software developer, a company that has a decent catalog of retro-themed slots. They are about as simple as they come because there are only 5 pay lines and little of real interest when it comes to additional features or bonus games. On the other hand, if you are playing slots only for the simple spinning action and do not particularly care about any added extras, then this game will do just fine, especially because there is a 20 million jackpot up for grabs.

The slots machine is developed by Novomatic which takes the vintage style fruit machine and turns up the heat too well, lukewarm. There is one thing clear that Inferno is quite user-friendly on the appearance front, with generically designed fruit symbols and a little bit lack of animation.

Of course, these inferno slots are a game with a retro style, it does not really need any animations to bolster its appeal. Nevertheless, the game designers could have gone to greater lengths with the fiery title like Inferno to really make the reels scorch, and the game symbols blaze.

How to win on Inferne slots?

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Despite, being off boiling point in the visual department, Inferno offers some sweltering winning possibilities. Only, what slots lack are design and bonus features, and this definitely makes up for in pay-outs. Even the games’ lowest value icons – the cherries – will pay back your stake in case if you find two of them on a pay line.

Inferno slots have only five pay lines, plus, they are permanently fixed which means that you will not exactly find out a winning sequence with every spin that you make. The positive side of this is that you could win a decent amount when the fruits do fall in your favor. For instance, lining up five cherries on a pay line will multiply the total bet by 40x.

Inferno Slots Casino Bonus for New Players:

Embark on an Inferno adventure and ignite your gaming experience with an array of enticing bonuses exclusively designed for casino enthusiasts. At Inferno Slots, we believe in welcoming new players with open arms and showering them with captivating rewards. Prepare to be dazzled by the sizzling offers that await you!

🔥 $5 Free Bonus Coins: Kickstart your fiery adventure with a generous gift of $5 in free bonus coins. Unleash your potential and explore our diverse selection of captivating games without dipping into your pocket.

🔥 50% First Deposit Match: Ignite the flames of fortune with a blazing 50% match on your initial deposit. Fuel your gaming bankroll and multiply your chances of striking it big. Prepare to witness the power of our Inferno-infused rewards!

Inferno Slots Welcome Bonus: Inferno Slots takes center stage, ready to captivate you with its scorching offers. Brace yourself for a cascade of bonuses to set your gaming experience ablaze!

🔥 25% Bonus Match + 20 Free Spins: Embrace the heat and feel the adrenaline rush as you make your first deposit of at least $20. Witness your funds grow with a scintillating 25% bonus match, and unleash the infernal potential with 20 free spins, exciting the reels!

🔥 20 Free Spins (Second Deposit): The flames of fortune continue to burn bright as you embark on your second deposit adventure. Deposit a minimum of $20 and savor the thrill of 20 free spins, bringing you closer to untold treasures hidden within our scorching games.

🔥 30 Free Spins (Third Deposit): The fire within intensifies as you make your third deposit of at least $30. Prepare for an inferno of excitement with 30 free spins, propelling you towards unparalleled winnings and unforgettable gaming moments.

🔥 40 Free Spins (Fourth Deposit): The blaze reaches its zenith as you embark on your fourth deposit of $40 or more. The infernal energy surges through your veins, empowering you with 40 free spins to conquer the reels and revel in the rewards that lie within.

Additionally, to unlock the blazing rewards from Inferno Slots, ensure you have completed the phone verification process on the Inferno Slots Casino app. Prepare to embark on an infernal adventure like no other!

Inferno Slots Casino games

Similarly, five lemons, oranges, and plums provide a 40x multiplier of the total bet when five align. Besides all, the bell symbol and the grapes will both reward a 100x multiplier of all wagers placed. The most coveted icon in these slots is the shining star symbol. When you find five of these, then you will bag a stellar jackpot which is worth 2000x your total bet.

As with most Novomatic slot machines, in Inferno casino also, the stakes start from as little as 40; however, you can place wagers which go up as high as 10000 credits. It could be a dream come true, if a spin of this slot machine where you take 10000 credit punt, and your lucky stars align to land five-star symbols on a pay line. In case of such a thing were to happen, then you would win 20 million credits.

It would be great when an online casino has a fun, colorful theme to help draw players into their website. That is why these slots certainly have to go for it, with bright reds and yellows.


By taking a look at the website, you will quickly see that there are two ways to access the Inferno slots. One of them is to download a software program to your computer in order to install it on your computer. This could be a convenient way to get access to all of the games, but just keep in mind that this software is only designed to be used in Windows. Instead of trying to make this program in other operating systems, the vast majority of the users prefer to use the instant play, no download platform that could be opened right on the website.

This version works in any operating system, and just about any modern web browser, making it perfect for Mac users, Linux users, or indeed anyone else who does not like the idea of downloading gambling software on their computer.

Actually, we are not inclined to recommend Inferno owing to the problems players have reported when trying to cash out their winnings. But, it does not mean that there are no positives here, it is the right address for the fans of the RTG software.

Fun Slots games of Inferno Casino

inferno slots and inferno casino games
inferno casino

It is worth to notify that free slots are a relatively new phenomenon in the history of the casino industry, but it has always been available for online gambling. Since the advent of the internet, genuine free slots have become readily available for the public to play. In the previous time, if you had wanted to play slot games for free, you would have had to buy your own gaming units to play in your own home.

In this case, we provide an online casino section with only trusted brands games listed. Of course, maybe all online casino has hundreds of slots to offer, but not always they give the players a chance to practice in those games with free (fake) money.

Maybe, for the experienced gamblers, it is not a problem, but this is an essential factor for the new beginners. Skillmine Games not only gives the new players a chance to play free online slots such as Inferno slots, but tells them what game features can assist them to win, how slot games vary from each other, plus, many more additional functions.

Play Inferno Slots online in 2023

One of the most significant advantages of playing online Inferno casino games is that you do not need to register to play. We have designed a unique website where there is no spam, no need to submit email addresses. Even you will not need to download software, and you will never be spammed with a mailer or annoying pop-up ad.

Most of the slots games listed on our website are instant play games. All you have to do is just click play and wait for a few seconds for the game to load in your browser. Without any cost, all the fun and excitement is waiting for you. Take your time and enjoy playing these inferno slots games.

How to login Inferno slots casino?

  1. Visit the .
  2. Look for a “Login” or “Sign In” button on the homepage or in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the “Login” or “Sign In” button.
  4. You should be redirected to a login page where you will be prompted to enter your username and password.
  5. Enter your username and password in the respective fields.
  6. Click on the “Login” or “Sign In” button to access your account.

If you are having trouble logging in, you can try resetting your password or contacting the customer support team of the Inferno slots online casino for assistance.

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