The Complete Guide to Bitcoin Roulette

There are many interactive online lotteries on the market that fans love to play every day. One of these game genres is roulette. Bitcoin Roulette is one of the most popular odds-based lottery games. It’s simple, straightforward, and fun for players with varying levels of lottery experience.

Typically, the main idea behind Bitcoin roulette is to throw a ball into the wheel and wait for the result. However, there are certain aspects that you need to know about these games in order to be successful. In this article, we will discuss the different types of bets, options and details about online roulette. Let’s briefly explain how online roulette can be played for those of you who have not played this genre of lottery games yet.

How to play Bitcoin Roulette?

To learn how to play roulette you need to look at the basic premise River water game… In this case, the winning outcome refers to the case where your chosen number hits a specific slot when the reel stops.

Depending on the version of bitcoin roulette you are playing, the roulette table game will contain 37 or 38 numbers. If you manage to do it right and put money on the winning number, you will receive a reward. You cannot change the results by applying certain strategies or using skills.

It is difficult to determine the results in online roulette, especially because they are based on a random number generator system. This is encouraging for newbies, as they have a chance to make real money playing this game. Below we will offer you five easy steps to learn how to play Bitcoin Roulette.

How to Play Bitcoin Roulette in 5 Steps?

  1. First of all, you need to choose the type of roulette game you want to play. Then you need to choose which table you are going to play roulette at.
  2. Placing your bets on your chosen table is the second step on your journey to learning this game.
  3. Once you have placed your bets and are ready to play, press the spin button and wait for the wheel to stop.
  4. The ball will then spin and stop at one specific number.
  5. If you place bets on that specific number, you win the game. Withdrawing funds in online roulette is easier than in slot machines. Once you win the reward, you can pick it up and cash out later.

Understanding the wheel

The Roulette Wheel is the platform on which you place your bets and earn money by playing this game. You have 37 or 38 spaces on this wheel, depending on whether you have double zero. There are 38/37 different numbers on the wheel, which are randomly distributed. The slot colors are mostly black and red. However, for slots with double zero and zero, the color palette is usually green. This wheel spins in the opposite direction to the movement of the ball, and once the ball stops in a specific slot, players can see if they have won the game or not.

Different types of online bitcoin roulette

As with other online games such as online slots or video poker, there are also different types of roulette. The three main types of roulette are American, European and French roulette. There are certain differences between these three options, and below we will analyze each of these options separately. Without further ado, let’s start with American Roulette.

American Roulette

The main feature that distinguishes American roulette from other varieties is the presence of a double zero on the wheel. Sounds cool, right? However, this is not really such a feature as it reduces your chances of winning the bet. The casino advantage in American Roulette is around 5.26% in various online lotteries. This percentage is much higher than both of the options we mentioned earlier. It is not ideal for beginners who want to learn how to play and win roulette right away.

What about European roulette?

Compared to the American version, European roulette offers only one zero line, which immediately puts players in the right place in terms of winning real money. Having one extra zero can be crucial as the casino edge in the European version is down 2.7 percent compared to American roulette, where it was over 5.2. This is still not as player-friendly as the French version, which we’ll talk about later. A single zero makes you lose the same amount of money as a double zero.

French roulette

The last version we are going to discuss is French Roulette. This is one of the most addicting types of jokes you can play for real money. Due to the language barrier, you can get confused at first if you don’t speak French. However, as you play, this version is sure to impress you.

The house edge in French roulette is around 1.4%. This is lower than the American and European versions, which is a good sign for players looking for real cash rewards. The low advantage of the casino is that the game does not offer any double zero or similar features. On the other hand, you will love exceptional features such as “in prison”And“ la partage ”in French bitcoin roulette. We’ll explain in a minute what each term means.

First of all, the function “la partage” is translated into English as “sharing”. This feature indicates that players who wager the same amount in the same slot will get half their bet back as soon as the ball stops at zero. On the other hand, jail is a feature that can replace sharing. In this case, half of the bet that was previously returned to the player will be kept in the “prison” and will be transferred to the next round in bitcoin roulette a game.

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